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We are looking for members to study with us!

  • About the laboratory assignment of the 4th year undergraduate students

Our laboratory will be assigned as a 4th year student in the Faculty of Physics. After being assigned, you will be asked to research based on your personal research theme. At first, let your seniors teach you and get used to the experiment. After that, I will proceed with my research individually. If you have any questions, please be assured that your seniors will tell you. Regardless of the undergraduate grades, we are waiting for those who are interested in single molecule measurement of proteins and artificial polymers and who are enthusiastic about developing equipment .

  • Those who wish to go on to the master's program

You can be assigned to our laboratory from the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Nagoya University and the Department of Physical Science, Graduate School of Science. For details, please see the website of the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Nagoya University . In biophysics, there are researchers and students from various backgrounds. We welcome people from different fields, such as those who want to try high-speed AFM and those who are interested in the research content, so please come to our laboratory once.

  • Those who wish to go on to the doctoral program (doctoral course)

You can be assigned from the Department of Physical Sciences, Graduate School of Science. I would like to consult about research contents, application to the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science DC, scholarships, etc., so I would like to study the dynamics of molecules and develop equipment such as high-speed atomic force microscopes! Please come to the laboratory if you have any questions.



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